Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sprite design

Sprite design - 1st attempt

This was my first attempt at making a small video game sprite, using the paint box in Game Maker. Because I worked at a small size originally, I discovered that to enlarge it causes a blurring effect. Therefore, the next ones I make will be done at a larger size initially. This is because it is easier to go from big to small than small to big and not lose any mage quality, I also think I will produce sprites in my application of choice Photoshop, as I have found the Game Maker paint box quite limited.

Sprite design - 2nd attempt

This was my 2nd attempt, this time using Photoshop. The colour tools were much more advanced, aiding the design and drawing process. I also found I could zoom in and out more, leading to a more detailed finish to the sprite.

Sprite design - 3rd attempt

Another fun little sprite design, this one intended to be one of the jungle critters our hero (above) must navigate around. Another quite detailed design, I hope it will work at a small size in the game and retain some character. I worry that it won't though - any sprites could probably do with features being exaggerated so their personality comes across at a small size


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