Monday, 8 December 2014

Unit 22 & 72 - Platform game development Blog - Diamond collection design

I am still working with the test level and the place holder sprites and objects I have created. 

I have programmed the game to have some kind of block to the exit that is only removed after the player collects all the diamonds on the level. In short the code is set to recognize that when all the instances of blue diamonds = 0, the block will disappear when it is touched. The pictures below illustrate the process of this:

The player must collect all the blue diamonds. The black block with the 'X' represents a block that will disappear after all the diamonds are collected.

If the player collides with the block when there are diamonds left to collect, the block will not disappear.

When all the diamonds are collected, the instances of them will be set to 0. The block will then disappear when the player collides with it.

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