Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Unit 22 & 72 - Platform game development Blog - Game play and level design.

Unit 22 & 72 - BTEC Level 3 Games Design
Platform game

Max has to go on some kind of a journey. This much is clear to me even at this stage. What I am planning is for him to traverse through several levels that represent different environments. What I would like is to make level environments that are interesting, imaginative and surprising but make sense in the game world. So what I am thinking about is this:
Level 1: Ground village and tree roots - beginning the ascent - Armored bug boss
Level 2: Honey comb mine - bees at work. Queen bee boss.
Level 3: Outside the tree trunk - lost colony - Squirrel boss
Level 4: Inside the tree trunk - a climb upwards through the dark - Scorpion boss

Level 5: Spider kingdom - Spider king boss

Level 6: Crow's kingdom and crow's nest - Crow boss

It would be good to inject an element of humour into the enemies. In fact the whole game should be built to entertain, I do not want it to be making any big, serious statement, just a fun game with interesting construction, gameplay and playability.

I like anything steampunk, so I may be daring and inject an element of that into it - clockwork insects or armored bosses.

I also like the idea of human characters scattered throughout the game to sell items, give hints or unlock new areas. Having small people in an oversized world would definitely help the fantasy adventure ideas come across more strongly.

Plot developments
Additionally, I have been thinking about the games story and how it will fit in with the parameters set out by the brief. Max must collect diamonds to progress. The original villain for the game was a giant crow. It has occurred to me that a giant Magpie would be better. The Magpie has stolen the diamonds and left them scattered throughout the levels. Perhaps Max could be attempting to recover stolen diamonds for his people. The Magpie could have stolen something within the town such as the town's clock (a giant pocket watch). This would make more sense in terms of the plot's parameters.


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